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Made In Zion is an organic grown organism

cropped-MIZ-logo-Lulu.jpgMIZ is in construction growing period. It should become a School of Nature. Welcoming people or groups for tourism, learning and sharing in a self sustainable tropical place!

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Dominica actual actions are:

  • – Garden shaping  & Edible forest planting
  • – Bamboos preparation
  • – Water toilet building & bathrooms
  • – Indian Moena, forest shack building with locals (20 and 50 EC$ notes
    will help you reward your teachers and helper)

Each workaway visitor have the mission to build his/her own shelter/house during stay

Martinique research & social center

Lunettes Zion face beachGet inspired by https://madeinzion.org Blog & projects (need translators, 2u want to help?)
Primitive technology learning center

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