Bluetooth sound system & GPS tracking for Hulk

MIZ Technology Report – Q3-2016.1



First try to bring music to MIZ was done recycling a car stereo into a sound suitcase. Plugged on solar or any 12V sockets (all DM style wall plugs are 12V in MIZ, European are 220V), it was playing good music… Until Joel had the idea to borrow and plug it in 220v plug!!

Since then, sound system is not operating ;( We tried to fix the stereo by Mervin in that so crazy electronic shop by his mother’s bar!! No way, always failing!!! And Stereo is full of rust. We have to change recycling.

F2x50W Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Boardinally, as world global market is growing, we bought for a cheap price a « 2x50W Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board ». Anyone could plug it’s own music source by jack connector or Bluetooth (most computers, phones & tablets are capable)

This month, a new solar panel (100W / 12V) will be replacing hand made ones. Bad glass quality and overweight broke them. This will be time for sound upgrade 😉 I hope that old lead battery will keep up…



GPS trackerOne of the most costly expense is CAR. Made In Zion Car: HULK 😉 is a good fellow, but needs so much care. Decision have been made to lend it to people with good vibes and be able to share and reduce the expenses.

To be able to know where HULK is at anytime, we are going to add a GPS Tracker using Message or GPRS to respond orders and locate itself.

That device will be useful to record tracks map and help MIZ to know where HULK is 😉

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  • Le test de cette carte ampli Bluetooth 2x50W est concluant!
    Pour moins de 50€, le SON revient bientôt modernisé à MIZ 😉

    Pour le tracker GPS, l’appareil a été installé, mais j’ai oublié de retirer le code PIN de la carte SIM. Interdisant toute réponse ;( A reconfigurer…

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